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LIFE Group lesson

Life Group Questions

John, John the Baptist – 1/26/20

Questions Based on last week’s sermon:

  1. What insight, principle, or observation from this weekend’s message did you find to be the most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling? Explain…
  2. What do we learn about John the Baptist that we should apply to how we operate as a church?
  3. Is John the Baptist more important to the disciples than he is to the modern Christian, why or why not? 
  4. Compare John 2:13-16 with Exodus 12:1-6 and Deuteronomy 16:2. Was the righteous anger of Jesus in line with what was taught in the Old Testament? 
  5. Read Exodus 12:13. How does this passage mirror what Jesus did on the cross?
  6. At the Passover, the animal sacrifices had a limited effect and need to be repeated. Jesus has atoned for our sins for who are “In Christ”. On the cross He proclaimed “It Is Finished!” How much more powerful is His Grace toward us?
  7. How long did it take for His Disciples to remember and to BELIEVE Jesus’ words, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” John 2:19. Do you believe Romans 10:9?

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