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LIFE Group lesson

Life Group Questions

Finish Well – 8/18/19

I realize this is short notice, but we will be having a Life Group Leader’s Meeting/Lunch on Sunday, August 25th following service. If you are a Life Group Leader or would like to be in the future, we hope you will join us.

  1.       If you lived to be 80 years old, how many days would you have left?


  1.       In view of Psalm 90, what is the work that you hope God will establish for you?


  1.       What will it mean for you to finish well?


  1.       If you knew you were going to die two days from now, what would you do tomorrow?


Read Luke 18:8


  1.       You hear about people in the church publicly renouncing their faith, name 3 people that you know will be with you until the end.


  1.       Is there anything that could ever cause you to lose your faith?


  1.       What is your faith based on?


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