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LIFE Group lesson

Life Group Homework
A team to Belong To

Make sure to select some people to be at your life groups table after each service. Also e-mail Brad a description of your Life Group. Thank you, Brad

1.What insight, principle, or observation from this weekend’s message did you find to be the most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling? Explain…

2.Besides God’s team, what is the best team you have ever been on, and what made it such a good team?

3.Why is it important to do things together, and not just be isolated in living out your faith?

Read Acts. 2:42-47
4.What aspects of this passage do you see alive and well in our church today, which aspects are missing?

5.This passage describes what might seem to be a perfect society, what is it about our culture today that makes it difficult to live this way, and what can you do on a personal level to be better at this?

6.From this passage what are some of the things that helped keep their fellowship and support of one another so strong?

7.Being a part of God’s team is something that can become a luke warm activity, meaning we are not really committed. How can you personally be a better member of God’s team?

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