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LIFE Group lesson

Life Group Questions

Freedom – Pull Away From the Past

How do you see yourself living out the points made in this week’s sermon?

Acts 20:24-27

Faithful v. 24 How would you define faithful? How do you feel you live up to that definition? In Acts 27 Paul is a prisoner and on his way to Rome when the ship he is on wrecks. Just before it wrecks he does this: Acts 27:35 talk about a time you have faced great adversity and stopped to give thanks to God. If you were not alone did it encourage those around you?

Visionary v. 26 1 Corinthians 9:24-25, 2 Timothy 4:7. Paul could leave this earth knowing he had done all he could do, with no regrets. What role does vision play in your future? How about the future of the church? Can you articulate the vision of The Church in South Denver as set forth by the leaders?

Passionate v. 27 Romans 1:14-17 Why did Paul feel obligated to people? Why do you think Paul was so passionate to spread the Gospel?  What part of Christianity do you feel most passionate about? What would our church be like if we were as passionate about spreading the Gospel as Paul was? What is one thing you can do this week that will increase your passion?

Talk about a vision you have for your future. It could be a vision for where your faith will take you, for a dream you have for yourself or for your family. How does your faith and what you are passionate about play into that vision?

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