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LIFE Group lesson

Life Group Questions

Afflictions Eclipsed by Glory

  1.  What are things that can add Joy to one’s life and what are things that can take Joy away from someone?      
  2.  Read John 16:13:
    1.  Jesus has promised us: “In this world you WILL have TRIBULATION” – we can expect suffering, problems, trials, and difficulties. And then He added – “but take courage; I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.” And WE share His victory. In Him we can have peace – regardless of our circumstances.
    2.  Why do you think God allows suffering, trials, problems and difficulties to happen to people – good or bad?            
  3.  Revelation Chapters 6 and 7 share the seven seals.  These describe suffering and anguish.
    1.  The catastrophes described here are most likely NOT a particular future sequence of events. “This is not a description of what will someday take place. Nor of what did take place but a description of what ALWAYS takes place.” In every age we see these kinds of troubles, all of which lead up to the end of time. What KIND of suffering do we see in these?  
      1.  Violent Military Invasion
      2.  Conflict and Bloodshed
      3.  Famine
      4.  Death
      5.  Christian Persecution
      6.  Natural Disaster
  4.  What two very important questions do the fifth and sixth seals reveal in the midst of hard times.   Read Revelation 6:10, and also Read 6:17.
    1.  The answers to these questions will help us endure and persevere in the midst of suffering. What are the answers?
  5.  Does all suffering have an end for God’s people?  Will God bring His people through suffering triumphantly?
  6.  Can Suffering have a purpose?
    1.  Notice what the martyred saints GAIN from their troubles: “a white robe” (Rev 6:11). The white robes are symbols of blessedness and purity – REMINDING us that God USES suffering to purify us.
  7.  If someone you know is suffering through hard times and life has taken away their song.  What can you tell them? How can we encourage those who in the middle of a life storm?
  8.  When we face terrible suffering, we need to remember how we can persevere and patiently endure whatever we face. Remember that God is in control of suffering – He will not allow it to last beyond what we can endure; He will use suffering for His purposes in our life; and He will bring us to such glory that all the suffering that we have gone through will be completely forgotten, totally eclipsed by the glory that will be ours.  Just like Paul and Silas in prison, and like the persecuted believers in Asia Minor – even in the midst of difficulties we can still SING His praises!


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