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Steve Heese

Steve-HeeseFamily: My wife Becky and I have five adult children, all living in the Denver area. The two that are married have added five grandsons to our lives, with the promise of more to come.

Origins: I have lived on the West side of Denver since I arrived just after my second birthday. Our family moved to Denver to plant new churches, starting the first of five churches in the living room of our home. My parents are both gone now, but the four of us kids are scattered across the globe continuing their dream.

Education: I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible from two small Christian colleges that were located in the Denver area.

Heart for ministry: Following in my parents footsteps, I started my first ministry job at the age of sixteen. After six years of Youth Ministry, I started working with adults shortly before we started The Church in South Denver in 1979. The excitement of helping people find God and discover the joy of living by His values never fades.

Little known Facts: During my early years in ministry, I helped support our family by working as a Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer. I am a life-long Denver sports fan, a lover of suspense fiction and the King of Sudoku.


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