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Gerri Cameron

Gerri Cameron
Family: My husband Randy and I have been married since 1985. We have
been blessed with four boys, Randell, Trenton, Nathan and Michael.
Origins: I am a Colorado native, lived in Denver until I was 5 years old. My
father moved our family of 7 to Littleton where I grew up and that is where
my husband and I have chosen to raise our boys too.
Education: I graduated from Littleton High School and I attended
Community College of Denver for Early Childhood Education. My
experience comes from 16 years of practical knowledge in childhood
development teaching toddlers through preschool, pre-kindergarten to
school age students.
Heart for Ministry: Is to watch God at work in the hearts of the children. To
see as they discover who God is and His love for them. What truly delights
my heart is when I am able to see in the children’s eyes that they get it, that’s
the blessing.
Little known fact: I love sports and anything that may be competitive. I am a
huge hockey fan and my team is the Colorado Avalanche. A fact that people
might not expect from me is that I received my Black Belt Certification at the
age of 46.

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